25 years of Bierparadijs: Beer Festival

Hooray! This year it’s Bierparadijs’ 25th birthday. In 1991 the beer shop started as a small liquor store. It has now grown to become a large and well-known beer expert / liquor store in Hoogstraten and far beyond, from Belgium to the Netherlands. To celebrate this birthday, Bierparadijs organizes, for the first time in their history, a cozy and professional beer festival.

This beer festival will take place on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 of May 2016, right in front of the shop of Bierparadijs in the Wenenstraat in Meer.

During this festival weekend you can taste the most delicious beers of numerous famous and well-known breweries. Off course, you can taste some nice Sterkens beers too.

Everyone, young and old, is welcome. The access is FREE.

For our children, there is some free and pleasant child animation en some food trucks provide us numerous tasty snacks!

You can register in advance for this beer festival. By subscription in the shop of Bierparadijs, you get a discount of €2. You can only subscribe in the shop of Bierparadijs. There you will receive 10 official drink coupons and 1 official tasting glass of 15cl. You will pay €15 for this. You get the glass for free. During the festival weekend, you can buy coupons too. The cost of 1 coupon is €1,5. The tasting glass will cost €2 during the festival weekend. You can only taste some delicious beers out of the official tasting glass.

We’re looking forward to your visit!

For more information about the beer festival, visit: www.bierparadijsbierfestival.com or www.bier-paradijs.be.

Bierparadijs Bierfestival