St. Sebastiaan Dark

St. Sebastiaan Dark

Type of beer
Belgian abbey beer

Alcohol Percentage (ABV)

This St. Sebastiaan is bottled in unique, ceramic crocks of 50cl and in glass bottles of 75cl.

The St. Sebastiaan Dark is a dark, medium to heavy high fermented abbey beer that tastes both sweet and bitter on the tongue. This St. Sebastiaan has a strong, sweet aroma of caramel and malt and gives you a full taste in the mouth. It is re-fermented on the jug and on the bottle by the brewery. The result is a nice, clear beer with a wonderful aroma and, for those who love it, a nice touch of yeast at the bottom of the bottle.

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St. Sebastiaan Dark - Brouwerij SterkensSt. Sebastiaan Dark (75cl) - Brouwerij Sterkens