Sterkens beers at Touristic Department Hoogstraten

Now you can buy some beers of Brouwerij Sterkens at the Touristic Department of the city of Hoogstraten. Just after the Second World War, Hoogstraten asked the brewery to create and develop a new, typical local beer for the 800th birthday of the city of Hoogstraten. Therefore, the Sterkens family used an old, traditional recipe and a few months later, the first bottles of Hoogstraten Poorter were brewed. The brewery chose to sell the beers in the iconic ceramic bottles.

The Touristic Department sells the Hoogstraten Poorter for public in their small, cosy shop. This shop is located in the basement underneath the town hall of Hoogstraten (Vrijheid 149). There, you can always ask more information about our beers. Their staff will answer your questions with pleasure.

They not only sell the Hoogstraten Poorter, but some other Sterkens beers too, to promote the local products of Hoogstraten. You can find the St. Sebastiaan Grand Cru and St. Sebastiaan Dark. But the St. Paul White, St. Paul Triple, St. Paul Speciale, St. Paul Blond and St. Paul Double too.

For more information, check the website of the Touristic Department of Hoogstraten.